About us

Popularly known as the ''Land of Gods'', Uttarakhand is famous for its temples and scenic natural landscape. A popular destination for domestic and international tourists, Uttarakhand provides a perfect combination of religious and nature tourism. Road transport is the main mode of transport in the state with over 28000 km of roads across. Approximately 4000 buses &mdash both government and non government — ply on the national highways, interstate routes and state highways to and from Uttarakhand.

The objective of uttarakhandroadways.com is to make bus travel a pleasant experience for people of Uttarakhand and tourists — both domestic and international by information sharing and facilitating ticketing and reservation process. Going forward, the site will also offer some exciting non—conventional tourist packages, accommodation details and other information to make uttarakhandroadways.com a ''one site for all''.